Discover Character and Build Community

Discovering character while building community.  What an inspirational idea.  Tonight in Philadelphia, the School District of Philadelphia and Outward Bound are announcing a joint venture to help more district students find success.

Adolescence is a character building time, but every single one of us needed help as we were growing up, navigating that peculiar and awkward time.  Many of us had people opening doors for us, giving us sound advice, supporting us financially.  Some of us had to do more on our own.  And still others, too many as far as I’m concerned, had to do most of it alone: push open doors, support ourselves, and find the wherewithal to do it.  Outward Bound and the school district are trying to change this.

I’m really excited to be heading to this event tonight to learn more about how they are going to make this happen.  Look here for my report after the event.


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