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35% of the workforce says their boss rarely listens to their work related concerns.

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Using a versatile and tailored approach, we help individuals and organizations to reduce conflict, improve their communication skills, and increase their productivity.
  • I highly recommend working with Clymer. He is skilled, compassionate and a realist. He brings fresh insight and he addresses the power dynamics that are often present when dealing with conflict at work. I attended one of his workshops and came away with a clearer perspective about a long standing conflict I’m involved in, as well as some tactics to apply.

    Kristin von Donop

    Kristin von Donop
  • I’ve worked with Clymer Bardsley in several different settings, and want to focus on his work as a guest “lecturer”/teacher in a masters level course I teach on negotiation, conflict resolution and community engagement at the University of Pennsylvania. Clymer has led a 3 hour session workshop on mediation and his teaching is thorough and engaging, using a range of activities and simulations to engage the students in the concepts and practices of mediators. In 3 hours he gives them a broad overview and the basic rubrics they then use in an in-class simulation we do the week after he teaches. Student reviews are that he helps them understand the role of the mediator so they can enact it during the simulation and so they know what to expect when they have to work with a mediator in a simulated conflict.

    Harris Sokoloff

    Harris Sokoloff
  • We pushed back a lot on the theory and he was able to respond calmly and in a way that made people feel heard while also defending his viewpoint. Roleplays were fantastic and a great experience.

  • Clymer did a great job of keeping us on schedule and on topic. I appreciate that very much! He adapted very well to the interests and experiences of the participants.

  • Clymer’s style and experience both as a teacher and mediator made him the ideal mediator. He was engaging, knowledgeable and provided a safe and invigorating environment.

  • His experience working at a school brought practical perspective to our discussions. He was very effective in responding to our comments and his training in paraphrasing and negotiating was very clear.

  • I found it so useful that we kept applying these ideas to real life. I believe I will be able to navigate my own conflicts more effectively in the future. This is definitely the best CLE I have attended and the most practically applicable to life.