What We Do

We provide specialized conflict resolution services to schools, civic organizations, other businesses in order to increase their performance and productivity, and improve interpersonal communication and engagement skills.

Our trainings, coaching, and consulting programs empower participants to become less fearful in conflict and give them the self-awareness and skills to manage and resolve specific problems. In doing so, these individuals become more engaged at work, create stronger bonds with their colleagues, and discover new possibilities and realities.

Specific Outcomes include:

  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved identification of organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Fewer legal bills
  • More time for leader to spend on strategic planning and future growth

We experience working with people in conflict as a privilege. Our clients invite us into situations that are difficult, delicate, and sometimes very private. They are not feeling their best. They are sharing difficult feelings and facts. They are sometimes stuck on a particular position.

Our role is to shed light on the situation, and to make it possible for our clients to fix what is in need of repair using new methods that have a lasting impact on the organization’s culture and effectiveness.