Core Conflict Skills are Core Leadership Skills

Embrace transparency.  Create a culture of empathy.  Be creative.

These are tried and true dispute resolution tools.  As a mediator and a consultant, I am consistently encouraging my clients and parties to share information that will be useful for problem solving.  Further, it is essential for them to understand the other perspectives at play in order to deepen understanding and a sense of connection.  Finally, real progress can only be made if they’re able to stretch their thinking and come up with new ideas for how to move forward effectively.

These skills, and many others, are now being championed in Philadelphia Magazine’s November 2016 issue, which highlights leaders with innovative and brilliant ideas.  As a conflict resolution consultant, I am thrilled to see these problem solving skills being utilized as building blocks for success.  Not only do these building blocks make for more innovative and exciting workplaces.  They reduce conflict, improve performance, and increase productivity.  They empower their workforces to be proactive in problem solving and stay ahead of their conflicts, all of which improve the bottom line.

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