How Would You Handle This Workplace Situation? Part 2

Suppose the following:
You are the office manager of a prestigious medical facility. An angry patient calls the office complaining that she has been waiting three days for Chris, one of your employees, to complete a referral authorization so that she can see a specialist. She says she’s in a lot of pain and needs to be seen right away. When you talk to Chris, you learn that the referral had been on his desk for days – that he has been meaning to get to it, but that he’s been overloaded with claims. The process of doing referral authorizations can be tedious, but it’s a quick process overall. But you also know that although both you and Chris want the patients to be satisfied and cared for, this is becoming a pattern with him.

Imagine that this situation has just happened to you. How would you begin your interaction with Chris? 

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