Schools and Universities

Bardsley Group trainings are designed to improve faculty and staff engagement with one another, and other constituencies in and around the school, like students, parents, and friends.  We do this so that the school community can operate more effectively and constructively and manage conflict in such a way as to increase productivity.

During our trainings, we get the participants to reflect on their own tendencies in conflict, examine a conflict they are currently involved in as a party or observer, and move them to become more proactive in all the challenges they face as professionals and individuals.  We give our participants new ways of thinking about conflict and communication and new skills to use immediately.  We use group discussions, exercises, role-plays and simulations, and media in delivering our trainings. 

Trainings range from one hour sessions in basic concepts to multi-day skills trainings.  We offer the following trainings, which can be tailored to the needs, budget, and time constraints of the client.