Individuals and Families


Divorce is a major life event that requires the assistance of others.  A mediator is often the key resource in helping divorcing spouses maintain an organized, civil, and forward looking approach to working through the process.

We will help you work together with your spouse through the entire process.  We do not replace lawyers or financial advisors but will ensure that you are thinking through all of the decisions that you are making and that you are coming up with arrangements that leave both of you feeling that fairness and individual needs are being satisfied.

A divorce mediation covers:

  • Property settlement
  • Spousal support
  • Child support (if necessary)
  • Child custody (if necessary)

Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about divorce mediation or want to schedule a consultation.


If you need to figure out parenting arrangements, how to talk with your child(ren)’s other parent,
or are preparing to go before a master or a judge, try mediation first. Mediation helps parents
figure out these hugely significant issues in a private and collaborative setting where the goal is
to come together on how best to manage to the difficult task of raising children in two different
homes. Instead of fighting in front of a judge, working together can bring about more
constructive resolutions that will benefit you and the children.

We help parents in all stages of the custody process, from the very first instance when you need
to figure out a parenting plan to when a plan already court ordered needs to be modified to the
specific issues like relocation and school choice need to be worked out.

We will help you navigate the nuances and bureaucracy of the court so as to allow you to get
back to the most important thing: raising your children.

To inquire about custody mediation, please contact us.


Despite best intentions, sometimes parents and children do not see eye to eye on significant issues:

  • Curfew
  • Rules of the Home
  • Homework
  • Social Media
  • Communication

If you find you’re in a situation with your child that the two of you cannot seem to work on
without the emotions running hot, then it’s time to call in a neutral mediator to assist the two of
you in having these difficult discussions.

We will assist you in creating a safe space for sharing the various perspectives, placing the
emphasis on listening to one another and learning what’s really going on for each of you. We
will then work with you to figure out the best way forward.

These conversations are private and we place a premium on empowering each person at the table
to express their concerns and validating their right to do so.

To inquire about Parent-Youth mediation, please contact The Bardsley Group.