Individuals and Families

  • Are you having trouble communicating with your ex about your childrenā€™s needs?
  • Is your parentā€™s health becoming a more problematic issue for you?
  • Are you and your teenager beginning to fight over house rules and the importance of school?

These and other situations like them are difficult to navigate alone.Ā  The Bardsley Group works with individuals in these predicaments by providing coaching to the individual who wants to find a resolution.Ā  The coach helps the client unpack the conflict into its many partsā€”emotions, power dynamics, alternatives, strategiesā€”and then puts together a plan of action with the client that will have the best chance of succeeding.Ā  The coach is a supportive guide for the client as he/she grapples with the difficult family situation.Ā  Coaching sessions can take part over the phone or in person and be scheduled at the convenience of the client.

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