When Reasonable People Do Unreasonable Things

3 Tools to Transform Anger into Productivity

Clymer Bardsley, Esq., President of the Bardsley Group, mediates workplace disputes and advises organizations in the midst of conflict. He is a professor with the International Center of Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, at Columbia University Teachers College.

Clymer also teaches Negotiation Processes at Temple University’s College of Education. Clymer has been a mediator since 2002.

  • Do you want to eliminate the drama at your workplace?
  • Would you like to know more about what triggers your anger?
  • Are you curious about what happens to our brains when we feel threatened?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this engaging workshop is for you.

Anger can make the most well-intentioned and mild-mannered people act in ways that baffle their colleagues. When triggered, even the most reasonable among us choose unreasonable behaviors. However, anger is an important data point because it is a signal that an important need is going unmet. This three hour interactive workshop provides a straightforward framework which connects anger with 5 needs.

Participants will have a clearer understanding of how to minimize the impact anger can have on themselves and others and how to maximize the useful information that anger provides. Ultimately, the result is constructive behaviors which lead to a more productive and cohesive work place.

Based on leading developments in neuroscience, this half-day workshop will enable you to:

  • Identify your own anger triggers more quickly
  • Employ effective strategies for receiving the anger of others
  • Reflect effectively in order to grow from each experience with anger

Investment includes:

  1. Breakfast (served at 8:30)
  2. 3 hours of interactive training
  3. One 45 minute follow up session with Clymer



Thursday, October 4, 2017
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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2000 Hamilton Street, Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19130