Mediation in Motion – Practice in the Three Schools of Mediation

Lawyers, Leaders, Professionals, Activists.  Come to this three-day training to learn and practice how to intervene effectively in the conflicts of others as a neutral third-party.  In this training, you will become steeped in the bedrock principles of mediation—self-determination, confidentiality and neutrality—and then explore and practice the three major styles of mediation that are utilized out in the marketplace.: Evaluative, Facilitative, and Transformative.  You will learn how to effectively weigh in and direct parties in situations where you are confident and competent to do so.  You will learn how to seamlessly guide parties through a process of interest-based negotiation that will produce alternatives that satisfy the needs of both parties.  And, you will learn how to sit with parties who are having difficult conversations in such a way as to empower them to tell their stories while acknowledging one another’s concerns and feelings and giving recognition to one their humanity.

This is a three-day training