Outsourced Conflict Management

  1. Do you want to reduce costs related to conflict by:
    • resolving disputes informally
    • minimizing the use of formal grievance processes and litigation
    • avoiding the waste of managers’ and supervisors’ time and energy
  2. Do you want your executives and managers to avoid spending excessive time, energy, and resources attempting to resolve conflicts?
  3. Do you want to “humanize” your organization by providing
    • safe and informal opportunities to be heard
    • assistance in identifying options for managing or resolving concerns
    • facilitation of communication between disputing parties;
    • upward feedback to management about hidden trends and hot button issues
Let us help!
  • We provide conflict resolution and problem-solving services to members of your organization.
  • We add to existing structures and processes that you already have in place.
  • We listen differently than leaders in the organization.
  • We provide confidential, informal, independent and neutral assistance to individuals
  • We coach, mediate, facilitation, and use shuttle diplomacy.
  • We report trends, systemic problems, and organizational issues to high-level leaders and executives.
  • We advocate for the principles of fairness and equity.

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