Interactive Workshop: Making Conflict Work

5 Ways to Navigate Conflict Up and Down Your Organization

Clymer Bardsley, President of the Bardsley Group, is a professor with the International Center of Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, at Columbia University Teachers College, where he works in concert with Peter Coleman and Robert Ferguson, the authors of Making Conflict Work, delivering workshops and presentations on the book.

Clymer also teaches Negotiation Processes at Temple University’s College of Education.  He has been mediating workplace, family, and commercial disputes since 2002.

  • Do you know what to do when you and your boss disagree?
  • Have you developed a strategy for when your employees have emotional outbursts?
  • Are you successfully encouraging your team to share creative ideas and feedback?

Whether you lead a department, own a business, work at a school, a nonprofit, or for the government, you likely face disagreement, anger, and push back on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in developing new strategies so you can reduce conflict and improve productivity in your organization, this workshop is for you.

Learn new ways to influence the outcome of workplace conflicts. Start to mobilize your power more purposefully and strategically. Become adaptive!


Thu, November 16, 2017
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2000 Hamilton Street, Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19130


Based on the groundbreaking book, Making Conflict Work, this one-day workshop empowers you to:

  • See conflict as an opportunity rather than an obstacle
  • Navigate difficult situations using a range of effective strategies
  • Avoid all-to-common traps

Workshop Takeaways

  1. The Secret Formula to Conflict Intelligence & How to Apply It.
  2. An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Managing Conflicts
  3. Direction on One of Your Own Professional Conflicts

Investment includes:

  1. 8 hour interactive training
  2. A copy of Making Conflict Work
  3. One 60 minute one-on-one session with Clymer
  4. Light breakfast and Lunch provided