Hottest Topics for 2018! Is Your Law Firm Ready?

Learn How to Decode Millennials, Harness Conflict and Build a Respectful Culture

To remain competitive, law firms must:
  • Understand Millennials—both as associates and clients. They are the majority generation in our workplace, are disrupting the way law firms work, are pushing for changes that many older attorneys are reluctant to make and are costing firms hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity and profitability.
  • Harness conflict more effectively—40% of the average manager’s workday is spent stuck in conflict and 60-80% of organizational disputes come from poor relationships among employees, not from lack of skill or motivation.
  • Build a positive, respectful culture—Break the code of silence around harassment—currently, 46% of employees say they can’t openly discuss unethical work place or sensitive issues with their boss.
Attend this interactive and relevant seminar and get the tools to:
  • Handle the most common Millennial bottom line challenges law firms face.
  • Learn strategies for harnessing the power of disagreement caused by intergenerational conflict.
  • Acquire clear and concrete solutions to use immediately for development, engagement and retention of Millennial associates and clients.
  • Build a culture of respect and trust to optimize your firm’s productivity.


Suzanne F. Kaplan, Millennial Decoder and president of Talent Balance, is a top-rated speaker, writer and highly regarded leadership trainer. She partners with organizations in a wide range of sectors to turn Millennial and multigenerational challenges into increased workforce performance and corporate profitability.
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Clymer Bardsley, JD, president of the Bardsley Group, is a professional mediator and trainer. He is a professor with the International Center of Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University Teachers College and at Temple University’s College of Education. He regularly mediates workplace disputes in his private practice and for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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Wed, February 7, 2018, 9 am—noon


Good Shepherd Mediation Center
2000 Hamilton St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Investment: $299

This course qualifies for 3 CLE credits (2 substantive, 1 ethics)

Space is limited.